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Vnano Official Website

Here is the official website of the script engine/language "Vnano".

| What is the Vnano ? | How to Use | Tutorial Guide | Engine Specifications | Standard Plug-ins | Code Written in the Vnano |

What is the Vnano ?

A Compact Scripting Engine/Language for Embedded Use in Applications

The Vnano (VCSSL nano) is a compact scripting engine for embedded use in applications, and a language running on it. The Vnano is currently available for Java® and Kotlin® applications.

Open source, MIT License

Vnano is developed as an open source software, and released under the MIT license.

Simple C-like Syntax

The scripting language of the Vnano has simple C-like syntax.

- Example of a script written in the Vnano -

How to Use

Let's try to use the Vnano in your Java® program!

If the Java Development Kit (JDK) is already available on your environment, you can try using the Vnano in few minutes.

Step1. Download the Scripting Engine of the Vnano

At first, download the pre-built package of the Vnano by clicking the following button, and extract the downloaded ZIP file. In the extracted folder, a JAR file "Vnano.jar" exists. It is the scripting engine of the Vnano (Vnano Engine).

  • Accept license agreement (MIT license) before using. » License
  • This pre-built package is for trials, so it may not work well, depending on the version of JDK/JRE in your environment. For more practical use, build the JAR file from the source code, on the same JDK used for developing the application.
    » How to Build

Step2. Run the Example Script

In the extracted folder, an example script file "ExampleScript1.vnano" written in the Vnano is bundled:

- ScriptExample.vnano -

The above script calculates the sum of integers from 1 to 100. To execute the above script, "cd" to the extracted folder on the command-line terminal, and input the following command:

java -jar Vnano.jar ScriptExample.vnano

Then the calculated value will be output:


Step3. Example Java Application

In the extracted folder, an example code of a Java application using Vnano "ExampleApp1.java" is bundled:

- ApplicationExample.java -

The above app execute a Vnano script calculating the value of "1.2 + 3.4".

Let's "cd" to the extracted folder, and compile/run the application as follows:

javac AppExample.java
java -cp ".;Vnano.jar" AppExample     (For Windows®)
java -cp ".:Vnano.jar" AppExample     (For other OSes)

Note that separator-characters ( ; or : ) of class-paths are different between the above two commands.
The result is:

result: 4.6

As the above, we successfully compute the value of "1.2 + 3.4" on the scripting engine.

For more detailed explanation of how to use the Vnano, see the following page:

Contents in This Website

Vnano Tutorial Guide
The simple tutorial guide for using the Vnano.
Specifications of Vnano Engine
The specification document of VnanoEngine class, Options, and so on.
Standard Plug-ins
List and specification documents of standard plug-ins providing built-in functions/variables.
Source Code Repository (GitHub)
The remote repository to manage the source code of the Vnano.

Code Written in the Vnano

Some official code written in the Vnano are distributed on the VCSSL Code Archive. They might be useful as example code of the Vnano, contents for software equipped with the Vnano, and so on.

Fizz Buzz Program

A program printing the correct result of Fizz Buzz game.
Vnano | Solve The Lorenz Equations Numerically

Solve the Lorenz equations, and output data to plot the solution curve (well-known as the "Lorenz Attractor") on a 3D graph.
Vnano | Output Data of Numerical Integration For Plotting Graph

Example code computing integrated values numerically, and output data for plotting the integrated functions into graphs.
Vnano | Compute Integral Value Numerically

Example code computing integral values numerically by using rectangular method, trapezoidal method, and Simpson's rule.

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