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Download and How to Use the VCSSL Runtime

Everyone can use the VCSSL Runtime - the runtime environment of the VCSSL - for free of charge, regardless of whether for commercial use or for non-commercial use.

Click the following button to download to download the VCSSL Runtime.


How to Use

Step 1: Extract the downloaded ZIP File

The downloaded package is a compressed as a file of the ZIP format, so extract it by selecting "Extract All" and so on from right-clicking menu.

» If the extraction of the downloaded ZIP file is stopped with security warning messages...

Step 2: Execute the VCSSL Runtime

Next, open the extracted folder and execute the VCSSL Runtime.

For Microsoft® Windows®

Double-click the batch file "VCSSL.bat" to execute.

For Linux®, etc.

Execute "VCSSL.jar" on the command-line terminal as follows:

cd <extracted_folder>
java -jar VCSSL.jar

» If the error message about non-availability of "java" command is output...

Step 3: Choose a VCSSL Program to Execute

Then a file-chooser window will be launched, so choose the VCSSL program you want to execute. An example program "Example.vcssl" is in the extracted filder.

Also, you can execute a VCSSL program on the command-line terminal as follows, if you added the path of "bin" folder in the extracted folder to the environment variable "PATH".

vcssl Example.vcssl

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Released Ver.1.0 of the Scientific Calculator App "RINPn"
2022/12/31 - We have released the first general release version (Ver.1.0) of the programmable scientific calculato app "RINPn". Explains the details.

Released Ver.1.0 of Vnano Scripting Engine/Language
2022/12/12 - Vnano Scripting Engine has transited from the beta stage to the general release stage, and we have released the first general release version: 1.0. Explains the details.

Updated the Scientific Calculator "RINPn": Added a Retractable Key-Panel, etc.
2022/11/11 - We have updated the scientific calculator app &quto;RINPn" to Ver.0.9.4. Explains the details of the changes by this update.

Updated Contents
Circular Wave Animation

Draws the circular wave as 3D animation, under the specified wave parameters.
Sine Wave Animation

Draws the sine wave as animation, under the specified wave parameters.
Tool For Converting Units of Angles: Degrees and Radians

A GUI tool for converting the angle in degrees into radians, or radians into degrees.
Connector Fatal Exception - Specification
The unchecked exception thrown when errors have occurred, caused by incorrect implementations (might be bugs).
Connector Exception - Specification
The checked exception thrown when errors have occurred, cause by expected normal problems.
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