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Download and How to Use the VCSSL Runtime

Everyone can use the VCSSL Runtime - the runtime environment of the VCSSL - for free of charge, regardless of whether for commercial use or for non-commercial use.

Click the following button to download to download the VCSSL Runtime.


How to Use

Step 1: Extract the downloaded ZIP File

The downloaded package is a compressed as a file of the ZIP format, so extract it by selecting "Extract All" and so on from right-clicking menu.

» If the extraction of the downloaded ZIP file is stopped with security warning messages...

Step 2: Execute the VCSSL Runtime

Next, open the extracted folder and execute the VCSSL Runtime.

For Microsoft® Windows®

Double-click the batch file "VCSSL.bat" to execute.

For Linux®, etc.

Execute "VCSSL.jar" on the command-line terminal as follows:

cd <extracted_folder>
java -jar VCSSL.jar

» If the error message about non-availability of "java" command is output...

Step 3: Choose a VCSSL Program to Execute

Then a file-chooser window will be launched, so choose the VCSSL program you want to execute. An example program "Example.vcssl" is in the extracted filder.

Also, you can execute a VCSSL program on the command-line terminal as follows, if you added the path of "bin" folder in the extracted folder to the environment variable "PATH".

vcssl Example.vcssl

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