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Vnano Tutorial


  • Java® Development Kit (JDK)
  • Git


How to Build/Use Vnano Engine
Explaining how to build Vnano Engine, and how to use it on apps.
Main Features of Vnano Engine
Introducing main features of Vnano Engine, with example code of apps.
Vnano as a Language
Explaining syntax and language features of Vnano.

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Opened the Website of Exevalator
2022/07/24 - We have opened the official website of "Exevalator", the open-source expression calculator library (for Java/C#/C++/Rust) we released in April.

The Internal Architecture of Exevalator
2022/05/04 - Explaining the internal architecture of Exevalator, which is an open-source expression calculator library we released last month.

Released "Exevalator": A Multilingual & Copyright-Free Expression Evaluator Library
2022/04/16 - We have released a new library "Exevalator" which enables you to calculate values of numerical expressions stored in string variables, on Java/C#/C++/Rust programs.

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