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- VCSSL & Vnano Startup Guide -

This document is an official programming guide of VCSSL & Vnano, written for people who have not done computer programming at all until now.


Computer programming is a very powerful method to control your computer more deeply. It should opens the door for using your computer for more various purposes. For example, when you want to do something on your computer, you launch an application software (app) enabling it. That app, and any other apps, was/were made by somebody, by doing computer programming.

Hence, if you can write programs by your own, you can create an app with features you want, a game you designed, and so on. Sometimes it enable you to automate a part of you work taking labor and time. In addition, computer programming is also essential for scientific field, e.g.: solving difficult equations numerically, simulating behaviour of complex systems, and so on.

Furthermore, if you like to design and make something by yourself, even all the above advantages might be trivial. The reason is that computer programming can be a most wonderful hobby for such people!

This document is a programming guide using the languages "VCSSL" and "Vnano" (a subset of VCSSL), written for people who have not done computer programming at all until now. VCSSL & Vnano are simple programming languages, having syntax similar to C programming language.

In this document, we put emphasis on introducing basic knowledge and ways of thinking common in computer programming to readers, rather than explaining simply how to use the above language. We hope that the contents of this document will be a help to you, also when you will step up to more difficult programming languages (e.g.: C/C++), after you acquire VCSSL & Vnano.

By the way, programming languages are special languages "for using computers", so learning basic mechanisms of computers also gives you deep understandings for computer programming.

Hence, in this document, we will frequently get sidetracked to explain what is occur at the inside of computers by running our programs (what devices are related, how they act, and so on). We believe that the above prevent you from hitting walls of abstract and difficult concepts, so it makes learning faster rather than short and simple explanations.

Without further ado, Let's enter the world of computer programming!

VCSSL & Vnano Startup Guide
- Table of Contents -

Sorry, the contents are under construction.

The original version of this document is written in Japanese, and we are translating it to English. Until our translation completes, Please read the above Japanese version by using translation feature of your web browser.

Also, our working repository of the translation is: https://github.com/RINEARN/vcssl-vnano-startup-guide.

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RINEARN Graph 3D Updated and Next Version (Ver.6) Development Has Begun!
2023/09/04 - We have released RINEARN Graph 3D Ver.5.6.34. In addition, we have initiated the development of the next major version, Ver.6! Introducing the details.

Commitment to Significantly Expand English Documentation with AI Assistance - Presenting a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Actual Workflow
2023/05/28 - We have decided to expand our English documentation by leveraging AI technologies such as ChatGPT. We will provide a detailed explanation of our initiative.

Update to RINEARN Graph 3D: Enhanced API-related Features and More
2023/05/18 - We recently released the latest version of RINEARN Graph 3D, Ver.5.6.32. Explains the details of this update.

Updated Contents
Circular Wave Animation

Draws the circular wave as 3D animation, under the specified wave parameters.
Sine Wave Animation

Draws the sine wave as animation, under the specified wave parameters.
Tool For Converting Units of Angles: Degrees and Radians

A GUI tool for converting the angle in degrees into radians, or radians into degrees.
Connector Fatal Exception - Specification
The unchecked exception thrown when errors have occurred, caused by incorrect implementations (might be bugs).
Connector Exception - Specification
The checked exception thrown when errors have occurred, cause by expected normal problems.