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Here, we provide the official documentation of VCSSL, including programming guides.

Note: Tthese are translations from the original Japanese documents, and not all documents have been fully translated into English yet. Until all translations are complete, we apologize for any inconvenience, but please feel free to use browser translation tools to access the Japanese documentation as well.

Programming Guides

VCSSL Syntax Guide

A guide focusing on providing a comprehensive overview of VCSSL syntax, similar to a reference manual. This guide is intended for experienced programmers familiar with other languages who wish to understand the language specifications of VCSSL or explore specific aspects. Each section is succinctly summarized for easy reference. Therefore, this guide may not be suitable for those without programming experience (as it may be difficult to understand).

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VCSSL/Vnano Plugu-in Interface Specifications

The specification documents for the interfaces used in developing plugins for VCSSL/Vnano.

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Software Updates: Command Expansion in RINEARN Graph, and English Support in VCSSL
2024/02/05 - We updated our apps. This updates include "Enhancing the Command-Line Features of RINEARN Graph" and "Adding English Support to VCSSL." Delves into each of them!

Inside the Repetitive Execution Speedup Impremented in Vnano Ver.1.1
2024/01/17 - Delves into the update in Vnano 1.1 from a developer's viewpoint, providing detailed insights into the specific improvements made to the internal structure of the script engine.

Scripting Engine Vnano Ver.1.1 Released: Dramatic Speed Improvement for Repetitive Executions of the Same Content
2023/12/22 - Released the Vnano script engine Ver.1.1. In this version, we've made significant enhancements in processing speed by reducing the overhead of handling requests. Explains the details.

Updated Contents
Circular Wave Animation

Draws the circular wave as 3D animation, under the specified wave parameters.
Sine Wave Animation

Draws the sine wave as animation, under the specified wave parameters.
Tool For Converting Units of Angles: Degrees and Radians

A GUI tool for converting the angle in degrees into radians, or radians into degrees.
Connector Fatal Exception - Specification
The unchecked exception thrown when errors have occurred, caused by incorrect implementations (might be bugs).
Connector Exception - Specification
The checked exception thrown when errors have occurred, cause by expected normal problems.